LILIS-Lifelong Learning for the Information Society

LILIS-Lifelong Learning for the Information Society

Research program: DG III, DG V and DG XXII

Start date: 1995 - End date: 1996

Short description

Organization of a European Conference on Lifelong Learning

The LILIS conference, took place in March 1996, under the auspices of the European Commission (DG III, DG V and DG XXII) and is considered as one of the major events of the European Year of Lifelong Learning. The event was centered around three main themes: a) new profiles for jobs; b) new organizations for and contents of learning; and c) new learning approaches. The primary objective of this Conference was to contribute in raising the general awareness of European industries, institutions, educational organizations and individuals about the new cultural attitudes which should be encouraged in order to face the strong impact which is expected to derive from the birth of the Information Society


The Conference was organized by ETNOTEAM, an Italian software development company, in collaboration with three Business Schools: ALBA, London Business School (UK) and INSEAD (France).

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