MODEL - Multimedia for Open and Dynamic Executives Learning

MODEL - Multimedia for Open and Dynamic Executives Learning

Research program: IST

Start date: 2000 - End date: 2002

Short description

Development of a Knowledge Management tool

The rationale of MODEL was to develop a knowledge management system (facilitation plan, software tools etc.) which enhanced the organisational ability to capture, structure and transfer knowledge across different organisational groups (departments etc.), within and between different organizational activities (business processes etc.), and over time (from project to project etc.). MODEL designed, implemented and validated Knowledge Management (KM) tools for the creation of learning modules based on the concept of interactive case studies comprising dynamic knowledge profiles, as a means for enhancing knowledge dissemination and knowledge intensive work within organizations.

You may download the Academic Paper developed under this project here


  • Lambrakis Research Foundation (Greece, Project Leader)
  • University of Cologne (Germany)
  • Intrasoft International (Luxembourg)
  • Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece)
  • ALBA Graduate Business School (Greece)
  • XIOS BANK (Greece)
  • FIM-Psychologie (Germany)
  • City of Cologne (Germany)
  • Oracle (Italia)
  • BANCA INTESA (Italia)
  • College of Europe (Belgium)
  • RWE (Germany)
  • Scienter

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