Mastering Excellence: Leading Customer Service Teams

Leading Customer Service Teams with Agility & Impact
Duration: 32 Hours (6 days)
Start Date: November 6, 2023
Participation Dates: November 6 - 7 - 20 - 21 - 28 & 29, 2023
Fees: €950 (ΗICS members: €550)


This program uses an interactive and collaborative approach to empower executives that lead customer service teams with leadership competencies-effective communication and agility, in order to effectively lead their units and their Organizations  towards sustainability and value creation in the Digital Era.

The innovative use of psychological approaches allows a  holistic understanding of  conscious and unconscious team processes in order to offer additional tools for effective leadership.



Learning Objectives

  • Developing knowledge and skills for effective leadership transitions and team leadership.
  • Developing influence and impact for effective team leadership.
  • Developing learning agility as a leadership competence.
  • Utilizing the principles of Positive Leadership for the development of effective teams.
  • Understanding Authentic Leadership and the value / importance of authenticity.





1st Session - Managing Leadership Transitions

The first module focuses on the challenges faced by managers entering a new position and of managers entering into new teams and unfolds around the following issues:

  • What distinguishes executives who make transitions successfully from those who are less successful?
  • Strategies for successful leadership transition/ facing challenges and setting goals
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Aligning Expectations


2nd Session - Mastering Team Dynamics & Leading Teams with Impact

The second module focuses on competencies related with understanding and managing team dynamics and on leading with Impact.

The module includes a’ Movie Time’ session, during which participants will watch a film that will ignite them to learn, discuss and reflect on team leadership issues connected with influence, impact, empathy, alignment and management of perspectives.

3rd Session - Authentic Leadership

The third module focuses on authentic leadership and the value of authenticity for leadership excellence. It explores how the leader’s legacy may develop and it addresses the following leadership virtues.

  • Self-awareness
  • Tenacity/ Courage / Compassion
  • Achievement of higher goals and meaning
  • Work Life Balance


4th  Session - Building a Culture of Learning Agility for Customer Service Excellence

Learning agility is described as the ability of an executive to excel at absorbing information from their learning and professional experiences and then extrapolating from those to navigate novel situations. In highly demanding customer service contexts, learning often stems from the customer service teams and the customers.

The module focuses on the  following themes

  • the ability to continually and rapidly learn, unlearn, and relearn mental models and practices from a variety of experiences, people, and sources, and to apply that learning in new and changing contexts to achieve desired results.
  • Understanding complexity and non linearities of the Digital Era

Leading  Positive Meaning through Team Belongingness

The session will build on the principles of positivity and  the strengths of executives and Organizations and will focus on new research findings that indicate that the sense of belongingness and the process of connecting with teams and other professional, organizational and personal networks  as well as learning networks, has a positive contribution to personal, professional and organizational development.                                                                               

The session focuses on the following themes:

  • The value of creation of strong and dynamic networks
  • Building trust, mutuality and solidarity through networks
  • Achieving team and personal goals



This program is addressed to:

- Senior Customer Service Leaders that wish to strategically lead their teams in the era of flux

- Customer Service Leaders that face the challenges of organizational/leadership transitions

- Organizational leaders that aspire to create and drive value for customer organizations and for their organization


Course Faculty
Professor of International Business and Strategy view more
Business Consultant & Executive Trainer, a practicing Psychotherapist and Executive Coach. view more
HR Consultant, Training & Development Strategist view more
Professor of Psychology, Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences view more


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