Developing Customer Service Excellence

Shaping Customer Service in the Εra of Disruption
Duration: 32 Hours (6 days)
Start Date: March 29, 2021
Participation Dates: March 29-30, Arpil 5-6, Arpil 12-13, 2021
Fees: €950 (ΗICS members: €550)


This innovative program provides a blend of contemporary knowledge with a holistic approach to the understanding of the dimensions of customer service. 

The programs aims at disseminating knowledge, skills and practices in an intensive, interactive mode and a condensed timeframe. The program unfolds around theories of organizational and customer psychology that are utilized as a framework to understand behavior as well as a tool to develop  customer service competencies. 

Participants will have the opportunity to explore new perspectives on human interaction and to practice alternative ways to address it.


Learning Objectives:

  • Development of contemporary knowledge, behaviors and competencies that are connected with customer service ( communication, problem solving, trust, resilience)
  • Understanding management challenges in the Digital Era
  • Development of a human centric and customer centric approach






1st Session - The Customer Service Competencies Game


With the use of gamification techniques, participants will understand and conceptualize the key themes of customer service efficiency. The game will also serve the purpose of assessing the characteristics of the participants’ team in order to further adjust the following modules to their challenges and needs. (cases & exercises)

Communication Skills

  • Communicate effectively with the customer and the team. The different forms of nonverbal communication
  • The importance of collaborative, two-way communication
  • Emotional Intelligence – Cultural Intelligence
  • Barriers to good communication
  • Active Listening

Problem Solving – Handling Complaints

  • The ability to analyze and solve problems
  • Manage difficult customer situations
  • Complaint Resolution Process


  • Boosting Trust to self and others: Self Trust: Increasing your credibility and influence at work.
  • Diffusing trust & confidence within the team.

Self & Team Resilience & Customer Service

  • The Resilient Personality
  • The Resilience Mind Map

Group assignment: The journey toward Greater Customer Centricity

Applying a design thinking approach for best practices in Customer Service Management

2nd Session - Customer Centricity Masterclass / Tracing Management & Customer Service Management in the Digital Era

Customer Centricity Masterclass

  • Learn what the power of customer centricity is; customer relations and powerful brand as a bridge between customer value and firm value
  • Create the customer learning capability: tools for understanding customer “pain” and “plug” it into your value proposition
  • Overcome the traps of customer centricity; how inertia, silos, and arrogance destroy customer value.
  • Make it happen: Align mission, processes, policies, and information systems to make your customer, improvisation and “all that jazz”

Tracing Management & Customer Service Management in the Digital Era:

  • Challenges and opportunities in the Digital Era
  • The concept of disruptive innovation                   
  • The effects of Exponential  Growth in Business and Management
  • New business models and organizational structures for the Digital Era

3rd - 5th Session - Diving deep into Customer Service Excellence


Session 3, Customer Needs & Expectations

Identify and clarify customer needs and expectations

  • The Client Needs analysis
  • Address diverse customer needs and values
  • Establish a Rapport With Customers

Expanding Customer Relationships

  • Follow-up to assess customer satisfaction.
  • Take action to assure customer satisfaction.
  • Resolve complaints and encourage critical encounters.
  • Expand collaborative involvement.
  • Add value and enhance mutual opportunities.
  • Achieving Customer Loyalty

Using Mind Maps to improve Customer Experience

  • Actions: What is the customer doing at each stage? What actions are they taking to move themselves on to the next stage?
  • Motivations: Why is the customer motivated to keep going to the next stage? What emotions are they feeling? Why do they care?
  • Questions: What are the uncertainties, jargon, or other issues preventing the customer from moving to the next stage?

Session 4, Best Customer Service Practices

Customer Service Stories


Session 5, Group Presentations The journey toward greater customer centricity





This program is addressed to Executives / Supervisors who lead teams in the area of:

  • Customer Service Management
  • Service Management
  • Telephone/Call Center Customer Service



To request more information please contact 

Mrs. Maria Karadeli

Training Coordinator & P.R., Hellenic Institute of Customer Service

Tel: +30 210 6686370



To get in touch with ALBA Executive Department please use the below information

Mrs. Maria Pappa

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