Monday, 01/07/2013

Graduation Year: 2003 (MBA 10)

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Could you update us on your latest professional developments?

Since the end of 2011, I am Managing Director of LiSEC Turkey, a subsidiary company of LiSEC Holding GmbH in Austria. LiSEC Turkey provides the sales of glass machinery with spare parts and technical service to the key players of the glass sector in Turkey.  

How did ALBA help you in your career?

For me one of the most important experiences at ALBA was the team work we developed mandatorily throughout the duration of our studies. We learned how to create a successful team with other students whose characteristics were unique. Also as a foreign student, I developed myself to be open towards cultural and behavioral diversity.    

Share with us your fondest memory while studying at ALBA

I can think of many, but the best is the role play and my unique character organized by some of my friends during my first week of introduction to ALBA in Kalavrita where we participated in ice-breaking activities. Through my Oscar-winning portrayal of a lady of the house under different cultures (British lady, Japanese lady, Fast motion, Slow motion, etc), I easily broke the ice with everyone. That was my first, unique and best experience.

You recently became MD of a company at a young age…care to share some advice with your fellow alumni on how to achieve corporate success?

I believe the most important and the necessary characteristics of a successful company is to become a “Team”.  Being a team includes different features. 1) Team means team spirit. All employees should have the willingness to be a member of that team. 2) Team means clear goals and fighting for that goal. The real aim of the company should be clearly understood by all employees. 3) Team means helping each other while having different tasks. The tasks of the employees should be clearly defined while supporting each other. 4) Team means having discipline. All employees should be aware of and accept all the rules of the company. 5) Team means having a unique culture capturing all. All employees should know, act and be proud of the company culture. 6) And team means moving and feeling together. All feel sad and happy together. So if you manage to create a team and coach it, then you will have a successful, healthy and happy company.     



  • Your most marked characteristic? Extrovert
  • The quality you most like in a man? Man of his word
  • The quality you most like in a woman? Faithful and Supportive
  • What do you most value in your friends? Trust and “Being There”
  • What is your favorite occupation? Boating and Sports
  • What is your dream of happiness? Healthy family, being with friends and relatives, job as a hobby, house with garden for BBQ, boat for sailing
  • What to your mind would be the greatest of misfortunes? Losing my health before accomplishing my dreams
  • What would you like to be? Well Known Restaurant Owner
  • In what country would you like to live? Until 45 in Turkey, after in Greece
  • What is your favorite color? Light Blue
  • Who are your favorite poets? Can Yucel and Atilla Ilhan in TR
  • Who is your favorite hero of fiction? He-Man
  • Who are your favorite composers? Fazıl Say (famous pianist)
  • Who are your favorite painters? Claude Monet
  • Who are your heroes in real life? Ataturk
  • What are your favorite names? Denizhan (my son-Poseidon)
  • What is it you most dislike? Cigarette
  • What historical figures do you most despise? Ratko Mladic
  • What natural gift would you most like to possess? Flying
  • How would you like to die? Peacefully
  • What is your motto? Yesterday is a History. Future is a Mystery. Today is a Gift. That’s why it is called “Present”.

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