IT (Information Technology) professionals: Measure your employability!

Monday, 31/01/2005

For the first time research teams from Universities, Schools of Management and training organizations in 7 European countries get together in order to measure employability and other aspects of working life.

In Greece more than 250 companies from the IT sector and 1000 from other industries have been invited to participate in the Indic@tor study coordinated by ALBA.  The focus of the Indic@tor project is the measurement and enhancement of employability for IT professionals within European SMEs and is funded by the EC DG Information Society Technologies.

The survey provides an analysis of the employability of IT professionals and is currently been conducted in 7 European countries.  IT professionals and their supervisors in Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and the UK, can easily access and fill in an online questionnaire and get an immediate feedback report on their employability.

If you are currently employed or hold a management position in an IT company or work in the IT department of any company in any sector and you are interested in participating in the Indic@tor study, please contact Mrs Zoe Kourounakou at or follow the link  You will be provided with a user name and password in order to fill in the questionnaire.  The final survey results will be published on April 2005.


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