Corporate Gender Gap Report 2010 by World Economic Forum - ALBA is the national scientific partner for Greece

Thursday, 01/04/2010

The first global study on corporate gender gap by World Economic Forum

The first study to cover the world’s largest employers in 20 countries and benchmark them against the gender equality policies that most companies should have in place but are, in fact, widely missing, is now available. The report is based on a survey of 600 heads of human resources at the world’s largest employers. The survey contained over 25 questions and assessed companies on representation of women within their establishments and the use of gender-equality practices such as measurement and target setting, work-life balance policies and mentorship and training. The survey also asked respondents to identify the biggest barriers to women’s leadership and their opinion on the probable effects of the economic downturn on women’s employment in their countries and industries.

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Ms Zoe Kourounakou, [email protected], + 30 210 8964531


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