ANTHISI: New project for ALBA

Thursday, 05/05/2005

A new project named ANTHISI has been awarded to a consortium led by the Federation of Greek Industries. ALBA will cooperate with a number of well established organizations such as the General Secretariat for Equality, the Greek Personnel Management Association and other Greek consulting, research and training institutions in order to implement ANTHISI project.

The main goal of the project is to implement a number of interventions in the Greek market in the field and for the promotion of gender equality.

In this framework, the project's actions include:

  • Research of the relevant equality policies implemented internationally.
  • Survey of the implementation of equality policies and practices in the Greek companies (where 250-300 HR executives from Greek companies are expected to participate).
  • Consulting for the successful implementation of equality practices by a number of Greek companies.
  • Design and implementation of training sessions on equality issues for Greek HR executives.
  • Organisation of a competition for rewarding the best equality practices among Greek companies.
  • Information campaign for the widest dissemination of equality practices exercised by Greek executives.
  • Lunching of a public social dialogue on equality issues.
  • Cooperation with other Greek and European EQUAL funded projects in the field.
  • HR executives' forums for presenting and discussing the project results.

ALBA will play an active role in all project actions, but will mainly focus on the survey that concerns the implementation of equality policies and practices among the executives in Greek and multinational companies in Greece, and the organization of the equality competition.

For more information, you may contact Mr. Aristotelis Alexopoulos, tel: 210-8964531, e-mail:

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